Wouldn't it be great if the 62 other Rotary clubs in Rotary District 5890 visited, AND "Liked" your club's Facebook page?  To make it easy for all of our clubs to do that, below are the names and links to each club's Facebook pages.  If your club has a Facebook page that isn't listed below, please send an email to: Tommie5890@SuddenLink.net.
Also included are Facebook links for several District 5890 Committees, Zone 25B, and Rotary International:


Rotary District 5890 – Facebook:  “Rotary District 5890” https://www.facebook.com/rotarydistrict5890/
Rotary District 5890 Governor – Facebook:  “Rotary District 5890 Governor”
Rotaract District 5890 – Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Rotaract5890/
Interact District 5890 – Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/interact5890/
RYLA 5890 – Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ryla5890/
Rotary Community Corps of 5890 – Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/rcc5890/
Rotary District 5890 Community Service - Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/243067063647321
Rotary District 5890 "Rotary Yellow Pages" - Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1300552926992526
Rotary 5890 Young Professionals Organization - Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/rcc5890/


Rotary International Zone 25b And 29 (This is the Zone that our Rotary District 5890 is located) – Facebook:
Public Image Of Rotary - People Of Action – Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/rotaryinternationalpeopleofaction/  



Rotary International – Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/rotary/
For all of Rotary International & Program’s Social Media Platforms, and Social Sites: 
Rotary International President – Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/RotaryPresident/
Rotaract – Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/rotaractor/


5890 In Action Rotary - Facebook:  "Rotary Club of 5890 In Action",  https://www.facebook.com/5890inAction
Alvin Rotary –  Facebook:  “Alvin Rotary Club”   https://www.facebook.com/AlvinRotary/
Alvin Sunrise Rotary – Facebook:  “Alvin Sunrise Rotary Club”   https://www.facebook.com/AlvinSunriseRotary/  
Angleton Rotary – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Angleton”   https://www.facebook.com/angletonrotaryclub
Austin County Rotary Club –Facebook: “Austin County Rotary Club”  www.facebook.com/AUSTINCOUNTYROTARYCLUB     
Bay City Rotary – Facebook:  “Bay City Rotary Club”  https://www.facebook.com/baycityrotaryclub/  
Baytown Rotary – Facebook:   “Rotary Club of Baytown”    https://www.facebook.com/BaytownRotaryClub/  
Bear Creek-Copperfield Rotary – Facebook:  “Bear-Creek Copperfield Rotary”
Bellaire /SW Houston Rotary – Facebook:  “Bellaire / SW Houston Rotary Club"   https://www.facebook.com/groups/bellairerotary/     
Brazos River Rotary – Facebook:  “Brazos River Rotary Club”   https://www.facebook.com/brazosriverrotary
Brazosport Rotary - Facebook:  “Brazosport Rotary”  https://www.facebook.com/rotarybrazosport/
Brenham Rotary – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Brenham”  www.facebook.com/brenhamrotary
Champions Sunrise Rotary – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Champions Sunrise”  https://www.facebook.com/groups/121691704763/
Cinco Ranch Rotary – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Cinco Ranch”  https://www.facebook.com/groups/16886268122/
Columbus Rotary – Facebook:  “Rotary Club Columbus, Texas” https://www.facebook.com/rotary.columbus.tx/
Cy Fair Rotary –Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Cypress Fairbanks”    www.facebook.com/RotaryClubOfCypressFairbanks
Danbury Rotary – Facebook:  "Rotary Club of Danbury, Texas" Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/groups/151548113817
Deer Park Rotary – Facebook:  “Deer Park (TX) Rotary Club”   https://www.facebook.com/DeerParkTXRotary/
Downtown Rotary Club of Houston - Facebook: “Downtown Rotary Club of Houston”   https://www.facebook.com/downtownrotaryhouston  
e-Rotary Club of Houston – Facebook:  “Rotary E-Club of Houston”  https://www.facebook.com/RotaryEClubHouston/  
El Campo Rotary – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of El Campo”   https://www.facebook.com/RotaryEC  
Galena Park/Jacinto City – Facebook:  “Galena Park/Jacinto City Rotary Club”
Galleria River Oaks Rotary  - Facebook:  “Galleria River Oaks Rotary Club”
Greater Houston Veterans Club Rotary  - Facebook:  “Greater Houston Veterans Club”,  https://www.facebook.com/rotaryclubveterans
Harris County Medical Center – To be Advised
Harrisburg Rotary Club – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Harrisburg -in Houston
Hermann Park Rotary – Facebook: “Rotary Club of Hermann Park”  
Highlands Rotary – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Highlands TX” 
Houston Rotary –Facebook:   “Rotary Club of Houston Founded In 1912” 
Houston Energy Corridor Rotary – Facebook:  “The Rotary Club Of Houston Energy Corridor” 
Houston Heights Rotary – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Houston Heights”   https://www.facebook.com/heightsrotary  
Houston Hobby Area Rotary – Facebook: “Rotary Club Of Houston Hobby Area: https://www.facebook.com/groups/196350673752019 
Houston International – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Houston International"
Houston Skyline – Facebook:  “The Rotary Club of Houston Skyline”    https://www.facebook.com/groups/108291012186/
Houston Westchase – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Houston Westchase” 
Katy Rotary – Facebook: “Katy Rotary”   https://www.facebook.com/RotaryClubKaty
Kingwood Rotary – Facebook:  “Kingwood Rotary Club” https://www.facebook.com/groups/284108875030216/
La Porte Rotary  - Facebook:  “Rotary Club of La Porte Texas”   https://www.facebook.com/laporterotary/  
Lake Houston Area Rotary – Facebook:  "Rotary Club of Lake Houston Area"  https://ww.facebook.com/LakeHoustonAreaRotary   
Lake Jackson After 5 Rotary – Facebook:  “Lake Jackson After 5 Rotary”  https://www.facebook.com/after5rotary/
Memorial-Spring Branch Rotary –Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Memorial-Spring Branch” https://www.facebook.com/MSBRotary/
North Shore Rotary Facebook:  “Rotary Club of North Shore”  https://www.facebook.com/RotaryClubOfNorthShoreHouston/  
Oyster Creek Rotary – Facebook:  “Oyster Creek Rotary Club”  https://www.facebook.com/OysterCreekRotary/      
Palacios Rotary –  Facebook:  “Palacios Rotary Club”  https://www.facebook.com/Palacios-Rotary-Club-361799114438501   
Pasadena Rotary - Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Pasadena”  https://www.facebook.com/pasadenatxrotary/
Pasadena South Rotary – Facebook:   “Pasadena South Rotary”  https://www.facebook.com/Pasadena-South-Rotary-309946605817074/
Pearland Rotary – Facebook: “Pearland Rotary Club”   https://www.facebook.com/pearlandrotary
Richmond Rotary – Facebook:   “Rotary Club of Richmond Texas”  https://www.facebook.com/richmondrotary/
Rosenberg Rotary Club – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Rosenberg”   https://www.facebook.com/RosenbergRotary/
Seabrook Rotary Club –Facebook:  “Seabrook Rotary”    https://www.facebook.com/Seabrook-Rotary-604870699671926/
Sharpstown Rotary Club – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Sharpstown, TX”   https://www.facebook.com/Rotary-Club-of-Sharpstown-TX-491925270925926/
Space Center Rotary Club – Facebook:  “Rotary Club Of Space Center” https://www.facebook.com/Rotary-Club-Of-Space-Center-225718827442764
Sugar Land Rotary - Facebook:  "Sugar Land Rotary"  https://www.facebook.com/SugarLandRotary/
Sweeny Rotary Club – Facebook: “Rotary Club Of Sweeny” https://www.facebook.com/Rotary-Club-Of-Sweeny-797692220439383
Tomball Rotary Club – Facebook:  “Tomball Rotary Club”   https://www.facebook.com/RotaryTomball   
University Area Rotary Club – Facebook: “Rotary Club of University Area Houston”  https://www.facebook.com/UniversityAreaRotary  
Waller County Rotary Club –Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Waller County”  https://www.facebook.com/RotaryClubWallerCounty/   
Washington County Rotary – Facebook page:  “Rotary Club of Washington County”  www.facebook.com/RotaryclubWC     
Weimar Rotary ­-  Facebook:  “Rotary Club of Weimar”  www.facebook.com/weimarrotary
West Columbia Rotary –Facebook:  “West Columbia Rotary”  https://www.facebook.com/WestColumbiaRotaryShrimpBoil/
West U Rotary – Facebook:  “Rotary Club of West U”  https://www.facebook.com/WestURotary
Wharton Rotary – Facebook:  “Wharton Rotary Club”  www.facebook.com/whartontexasrotary
Willowbrook Rotary – Facebook:  TBA