RLI explains the “who, what, where, and why” about Rotary. 

You’ll become a confident rotaractor or rotarian and discover new strategies to retain and engage members.

District 5890 RLI Committee Co-Chairs:
PDG Gary Gillen, 2020 RLI Graduate & Certified RLI Discussion Leader
D5890 Chief of Staff Kathy Fenninger, 2023 RLI Graduate
Watch Our District 5890 & D5910 RLI August 17th Workshop Video
Register for Districts 5890 & 5910 RLI Workshop - August 17, 2024
Two Great Rotary Districts Coming Together for In-Person "Part I" RLI Workshop
Rotary District 5910 & Rotary District 5890 Rotaractors & Rotarians are coming together to increase our knowledge about the Magic of Rotary! 
Why Attend? 
Having leadership skills does not alone assure good Rotary leadership! 
An effective Rotary leader must ALSO have ROTARY KNOWLEDGE...
A perspective about WHERE Rotary HAS BEEN...
Who are the Facilitators?  Past District Governors, District Chiefs of Staff, plus District Committee Chairs that are RLI Graduates that have become Certified & Trained RLI
Discussion Leaders.
Cost:  $35/pp (Includes Continental Breakfast, Lunch & Beverages)
Registration limited to only 20 Attendees.
  • Firm Deadline to Register:  August 7th
  • No Refunds After:  August 1st
  • No Walk-Ins due to Workshop Supplies & Meals
Where:  Alvin Rotary Club Bldg, 1304 S. Johnson, Alvin TX 77511
Arrival Time:  8 AM Check-In/Continental Breakfast
Event Starts:  8:33 AM 
Workshop Ends At:  2:45 PM 
Event Flyer:   Click here

"THE Rotary Leadership Institute Builds knowledgeable members & LEADERS WITHIN THE CLUB....AND Beyond The Club level"

In addition to in-person classes, some RLI Classes are held on Zoom which gives you a chance to meet and interact  with Rotarians from around the globe!

Take your rotary KNOWLEDGE to the next level with rli!

Through active class discussion, not lectures, you’ll discover how Rotary helps ordinary people make an extraordinary impact through Rotary.  Our RLI Certified Discussion Leaders share information about the topics and then facilitate interactive conversations between the attendees.  This promotes the sharing of knowledge and gives attendees an opportunity to contribute ideas.
The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a multi-district, grassroots leadership development program of over 200+ member Rotary districts organized into regional divisions in various parts of the world.
Note:  Any Rotaractor or Rotarian from ANY club or Rotary district can register and attend our District 5890 RLI training.  In turn, any of our D5890 members can attend an RLI training held by any other Rotary district.
RLI is a recommended program of Rotary International.
The Rotary Leadership Institute is not an official training program of Rotary International.

what is the purpose of rli?

RLI seeks to provide quality education in Rotary knowledge and leadership skills to Rotaractors and Rotarians interested in developing their Rotary knowledge and to those identified by Rotaract and Rotary clubs as having a potential in club leadership. These educational opportunities will teach skills that will benefit the members in their lives and in their volunteer service.
RLI is a general education program, while most Rotary International training programs are "job-specific"; that is Rotary International trains Rotarians for specific positions. RLI is not a President-Elect Training Seminar (P.E.T.S.) or any other district training program, but graduates of RLI bring a greatly enhanced background in Rotary when they later attend job-specific programs.

what is the purpose of Lone Star Division rli?

Our Rotary District 5890 is one of eight districts representing Rotary clubs in Texas that are the current active districts in the Lone Star Division RLI, a division of RLI International
The Lone Star Division RLI holds (RLI) 2-part webinar sessions which are a series of fast-paced, interactive, online webinars to refine a Rotaractor or Rotarian's leadership skills and increase their base of knowledge in Rotary.  These 2-part webinar sessions are held periodically throughout the year.

What's the cost, who should attend, and where are the classes? 

Rotary districts in Texas are holding RLI classes either via Zoom, in-person, or hybrid. In the very near future, District 5890 will hold in-person RLI sessions here in the greater Houston area. 
The Registration fee for each of the three Parts (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) is $50/Part for our current Zoom classes.  All class materials & handbook will be emailed to you if you're attending Zoom classes, or given to you at in-person classes. 
RLI a good investment in your personal and professional leadership development, Rotary or elsewhere. We recommend RLI for current presidents, President-Elects, President Nominees, club directors, committee chairs, active and new Rotarians & Rotaractors.
The webinars are fun, topical, interactive, and geared toward Rotarians and Rotaractors that are busy business and professional persons who want to be more effective leaders in their vocation, in their club, and possibly becoming district leaders in the future.
District 5890 Rotarians interested in becoming future club leaders interested in increasing their Rotary knowledge and leadership skills are welcomed to attend.   The leadership skills you learn will help you as a Rotarian, but will apply to your leadership efforts professionally as well.

RLI Graduate Courses

For those who become RLI Graduates following successful completion of the three-part curriculum series of RLI Graduate Courses focused on one Rotary subject for the session and are comprehensive and detailed. Current Graduate Courses include:

  • Membership
  • The Rotary Foundation
Use this QR Code to visit the Lone Star RLI website or CLICK HERE

RLI offers Rotary knowledge courses in three sessions (Parts I, II, and III, and each Part consists of 2-online classes. Those completing each course are eligible for the next. There are Graduate courses available to those who have completed the three-part RLI curriculum.  The courses are designed to provide leadership skills while advancing Rotary knowledge and understanding.


  • PART I – “THE ROTARIAN”  (a total of 2-sessions) Your introduction to the RLI experience.  Emphasis is placed on providing an overview of Rotary programs and helping develop ideas that participants can take back to their Rotary Clubs. Courses include:
    • My Leadership In Rotary
    • My Rotary World
    • Ethics & Vocational Service
    • Foundation I: Our Foundation
    • Engaging Members
    • Creating Service Projects
  • PART II – “ THE CLUB”  (a total of 2-sessions) The RLI journey continues, the depth of subject matter increases and focus is placed on fostering the qualities of a knowledgeable Rotarian by building on the basics learned in Part I.  Courses include:
    • Rotary Opportunities
    • Effective Leadership Strategies
    • Attracting Members
    • Club Communication
    • Team Building
    • Foundation II: Targeted Service
  • PART III – “My ROTARY JOURNEY”  (a total of 2-sessions) The final phase of RLI, courses become much more in-depth and detailed. Learn about opportunities available to you and your club through RI and how to best utilize them. Understand what it means to be a Rotarian and how you can use your RLI knowledge to better serve your club. Courses include:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Foundation III: International Service
    • Public Image and Public Relations
    • Building a Stronger Club
    • Making a Difference.
When you complete Parts I, II, and III at in-person training, you'll graduate from RLI and receive your Certificate of Completion and your RLI lapel pin at the training. 
For  those that successfully complete Parts I, II & III of the RLI curriculum via Zoom trainings, we have a Virtual Graduation Ceremony that includes our Lone Star Division RLI Team Leaders, your Discussion Leaders, and your fellow graduates to celebrate your success!  In addition, we will mail your "Certificate of Completion", and your RLI lapel button directly to you.
The Lone Star Division RLI is a collaboration that includes our Rotary District 5890, plus Districts 5730, 5790, 5810, 5840, 5870, 5910, and 5930
Any Rotaractor or Rotarian from Any District can attend a session presented by any of the districtsExample:  You've completed Part I in a district, and you want to register for Part II.  Unfortunately, their Part II dates don't work for your personal calendar.  Check the calendar on the Lone Star Division RLI website where dates for Part II of our collaborating districts are listed.  Find one that works for you, and register.  Please notify the Lone Star Division RLI so your attendance and course completion can be added to our records so you receive proper credit in your home district - Click here!