At our Rotary District 5890 Vibrant Club Workshop the every first recipient of the "Buscemi Award For Public Image", was presented the Rotary Club of Harrisburg as our  "District 5890 Public Image Club of the Year" for 2022-2023. 
The "Buscemi Award for Public Image"mage" Awarded To The Rotary Club of  Harrisburg
The improvements they've made in the last few years on both social media and their club website have been incredible.  They are proof positive that any club, when they make an effort, can create a vibrant website and social media that makes everyone aware of the positive work their club does in the community.
Special thanks to their entire team for all their efforts to make this happen, and especially to Karla Bozka and Vicky Heileman Pink for their dedication to excellence when it comes to promoting their remarkable Rotary club.