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List of speakers (Listed in no particular order) that have been referred by D5890 Rotarians/Rotary clubs
Past District Governor Sunny Sharma has served in multiple leadership roles for Rotary and has been asked by various Presidents of Rotary International to represent them domestically and internationally (Rotary Club of Harris County Medical Center) (Referred by Stacy Brevard, D5890 Membership Committee Chair), Topics:  Global Grants, Membership, or Service Projects.  PDG Sunny is an excellent speaker and brings years of knowledge and a unique perspective about how clubs can impact their local community, and the world through Rotary service.  He is a visionary and it a renowned speaker and he has a keen desire to share some of the things that he has come across and have been sharing with many Rotarians. He feels its time, whenever opportunities present itself, to share some of these experiences that has changed his life and provides him peace of mind:
  1. WHO AM I …Understanding yourself as almighty supreme power created us, is the first thing that one should explore. Knowledge of me and mine can place proper perspective in our decision making as we communicate with each other in every aspect of life. Clear understanding of “Who am I” allows us to have clarity in our thought process and empowers us in decision making process.
  2. ARE YOU A CHANGE MAKER … Change is everywhere and is in everyone’s life then why sometimes it’s so challenging to make a change and obtain the desired results. Is your club needing to make any changes?  
  3. MASLOW’S THEORY & MEMBERSHIP … Individual needs and personal goals play a very important role in everyone’s life. What interests a prospective member and how can your club deal with it to not only attract that individual to become a member of your club but also to retain that person in your club?
  4. PASSIONATE ABOUT SERVICE? – A REAL LIFE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE … Service projects and desire to serve in one of the Rotary’s areas of focus, is one of the primary reasons a lot of us join Rotary. A disastrous situation can bring about an amazing perspective about fragility of life and connect us with the motto of Rotary – “Service Above Self”.
  5. SEARCHING FOR PEACE? … Do you want peace? Look no further, its within you and attainable. How to be peaceful within yourself is a challenge but quite accomplishable. Explore within yourself once you understand – Who Am I ? Not only will you be peaceful but you can help other to come close to achieving it, if they believe.
Click here to email PDG Sunny. 
Lily Thai and Jimmy Thai DTM, Speaker Topic: "How to Build 100 Schools Globally for $1USD".  Jimmy is Founder of Build A School Foundation, Inc.(BaSF) and is a member of the Rotary eClub of Houston in District 5890.
Presentation via Zoom or In-Person: with 1 day notice for Zoom, and a month notice for travel for In-Person. 
Speaker Contact Info:, Phone:  WhatsApp/Viber: +1 619 228 1361
Visit website:    
Resources:  Leave a Legacy NOW:
Video:  CBS8 AAPI Featured Story: Former Vietnamese refugees share their stories of success and resilience:
Video:  CBS News Interviewed BaSF 16-Mile Hike Challenge on 3/21/22:
Award-Winning Speech: “10 Seconds to the American Dream”
Craig Koopersmith, In-Person Speaker Topic: "Harnessing Innovation in Business OR Leading an Organization through a Culture Shift for Real Impact".  “Craig is a terrific public speaker. He was a guest speaker at my course on "Marketing Management in the Energy Industry" at Rice University's Jones College of Business. He spoke about Trade Show Strategies and Tactics. The feedback that I received from my students after the talk were outstanding. One even commented that he was "the best guest speaker" she had heard in the entire MBA program. I have known Craig since the early 1980s (during our Sperry Sun days) and I know that he is extraordinarily talented but I did not know about this extraordinary trait in public speaking.” - Pradeep Anand, president of Seeta Resources.  Speaker Contact Info: Please coordinate speaking opportunities with Megan via 832-256-6676 or
Karen Blakeman (Sharpstown Rotary Club, Past President and 2022-23 D5890 Assistant Governor), Topic:  Global Empowerment of Women  Karen's presentation can be via Zoom, or in-person. Click here to email Karen 
Dr. Jory A. Pacht (Referred by Stacy Brevard with the West U Rotary Club and Sharon Joines with the Wharton Rotary Club.) "Topic:  Energy 101:  A Rational Approach Towards Our Energy Future" (Dr. Pacht is a dynamic speaker so allow a minimum of 30-minutes for his presentation which can be In-person, Zoom or Hybrid.) Dr. Pacht has given his presentation to many Rotary clubs and professional organizations, both in the USA and abroad.  It is an excellent and non-partisan view of our global energy situation, both current and future.  He is animated, interesting and professional in demeanor, has a great slide show, and enjoys interacting with, and answering questions from his audience.  The Wharton Rotary Club wished that they could have had him speak and answer questions for much longer than their allotted time!  Click to email Dr. Pacht or call him 832-338-5928 (cell). 
Keven Matthews, Colonel USMC Retired and member of the Cypress-Fairbanks Rotary Club (Referred by Marilyn Farrell, Past-President of Cypress-Fairbanks Rotary) Topic:  "Growing Your Membership, a Marine Corps Recruiting Perspective".  Keven prefers an in-person presentation but can also do Zoom.  He is a recently retired Colonel in the USMC and gives an excellent speech about growing club membership including great stories from his time in Marine Corps recruiting and draws parallels to recruiting new Rotarians.  He is the owner of Precision Leadership Strategies LLC and an adjunct professor of strategy for the Marine Corps University.  He attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Arts in Diplomacy and a second Masters in Strategic Studies and National Security Affairs. Keven is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, a Project Management Professional and a Certified Business Continuity Professional.  Call Keven at 346-452-8950 or Click here to email him.
Dr. Randall Parr, Founder and CEO of EarlyAct FirstKnight (EAFK) Character Development Curriculum based upon Rotary's Four-Way Test (Referred by Tommie Buscemi, District 5890 EAFK Committee)  Click here to visit and click here for a brochure. For over 10 years, EAFK is sponsored by multiple District 5890 Rotary clubs at 16 elementary schools.  It is a daily character-building/SEL (Social, Emotional, Learning) program for elementary and middle school students and can only be sponsored by a Rotary club.  EAFK helps young students adopt excellent personal qualities that have proven to reduce disciplinary referrals and bullying (up to 75%), as well as reclaimed classroom teaching time (~45 minutes per day). This translates into improved academic performance, more positive interpersonal relationships, a superb learning environment and an exemplary campus culture. Call Dr. Parr at 210-288-6140 or via email at or about giving an EAFK presentation at your Rotary club.
Joe Stiles, USO Houston Speakers Bureau (Referred by Bill Hall, President of the Memorial-Spring Branch Rotary Club)  Joe can present via Zoom, or in-person.  Call Joe at 281.381.1414 or Click here to email Jim. (You'll need to add your name, email or phone, and name of Rotary club to email form)
CPT, Jeff Ouerre-Louis, Boots to New Careers (Referred by Myrna Trevino with the Rotary Club of Greater Houston Veterans).  To contact Jeff, please call 845-659-8205
Wayne Staton (District 5890 PolioPlus Co-Chair, and member of the Sharpstown Rotary Club),  Topic:  Ending Polio.  Wayne is a Polio survivor.  In 1952, when he was 8-months old, he was infected with the polio virus.  He has lived the life as a handicapped person due to polio, so he speaks as both a survivor, and a Rotarian.  In 2015-2016, Rotary International awarded Wayne with the "Rotary Regional Service Award For A Polio-Free World" for his outstanding and extraordinary service in the eradication efforts to End Polio Now.  Click here to contact Wayne (you'll need to add your contact info in email form)
Gwen Corolla, District 5890 Peace Committee (Member, Memorial-Spring Branch Rotary)  Topic:  "What is the District 5890 Peace Committee, and what is it doing?"  Available for Zoom, and in person.  Click here for contact details (you'll need to add your contact info in email form), or call 713-820-8606.
Leenette Wilke, District Youth Exchange Officer (YEO).  Leenette is our new YEO taking office on July 1, 2021.  As  a long-time RYE volunteer she, and several other members of the D5890 Rotary Youth Exchange Committee, are available to present a fun and exciting program for clubs new to Youth Exchange and  for clubs that are seasoned sponsors of the RYE students and program.  We are able to bring past district students who participated as well as allow our international students to "join us" and participate using available technology.  Our YE Committee would love to visit your club - Click here to email Leenette.  (You'll need to add your name, email or phone, and name of Rotary club to email form)
Kimberly Phipps-Nichol (West U Rotarian),  Zoom Presentation Preferred.  Topic:  "Educating and Elevating the Conversation Around Hemp & CBD".  Kimberly and Dr. Nguyen "Tom" Griggs are owners of the Houston Hemporium. Kimberly's family was hemp farmers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony starting in the 1600's and whalers and sailors who used hemp for sails and ropes until is was unfortunately outlawed in 1937.  With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill and TXHB1325 in 2019 legalizing the cultivation and processing at the federal and state level, they felt it is time to help Houstonians learn about all the amazing things that the Hemp plant can offer. Call Kimberly at (775) 560-2612 or Click here to email Kimberly. (You'll need to add your name, email or phone, and name of Rotary club to email form)
Kathy Kokas (West U Rotary Past President) and Tom King: Topic: "What is Co-Housing?"  CoHousing Houston.  Imagine...A neighborhood that integrates green design with a social, supportive community life.  Neighbors know one another.  We envision a multi-generational, community-minded group of neighbors who share the values of connection and sustainability.  Click here to email Kathy about being a guest speaker (You'll need to add your name, email or phone, and name of Rotary club to email form)
PDG George Yeiter, Rotary District 5890 TRF Endowment Committee Chair – PDG George has created a 16-minute video that you can be shown during a Zoom meeting that introduces your members to the Endowment Fund of The Rotary Foundation, and how it is used. Link:   Click here to contact him.   (you'll need to add your contact info in email form)
Andrzej Stewart, "NASA: Travel to Mars & Mission Simulations Experience in Johnson Space Center, and Hawaii" - Andrzej is an experienced spacecraft operator for a wide variety of NASA missions.  He's worked as a spacecraft mission controller for NASA's Mars orbiter fleet, Juno, GRAIL, and the Spitzer Space Telescope.  He now works in Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center developing tracking and navigation operations for upcoming missions of the Orion spacecraft.  NOTE:  Andrzej is a member of the NASA Speakers Bureau, so your club will need to complete an online form once you confirm the meeting date with Andrzej. Click here to contact him.(you'll need to add your contact info in email form)  (Referred by RC of West U)
Tara Freemon, Founder and CEO of The Second Chance Women’s Council - Bridging Gaps, Breaking Chains. Their mission is to bridge the gap between incarceration and education to empower women for a brighter future.    Click here to contact Tara. (you'll need to add your contact info to the email form) (Referred by RC of Bear Creek-Copperfield)
Breanna Fetkavich, Director of Outreach for Street Grace in Houston (click for Ms. Fetkavich's bio) - Street Grace is a faith-based organization that utilizes evidence-based demand reduction strategies to eradicate the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) through prevention/protection and pursuit.  (Referred by the RC of Bear Creek-Copperfield)  Click here to contact Ms. Feltavich.
Joe Madison, Love People Not Pixels, "Fight Demand for Sex Trafficking", (Referred by the RC of Bear Creek-Copperfield)  Click here to contact Mr. Madison.(you'll need to add your contact info in email form)
Lauren Wappelhorst, Texas PC Recycling, "How to Recycle Electronics Responsibly, and for FREE" (Referred by the RC of Bear Creek-Copperfield) Click to contact Lauren.(you'll need to add your contact info in email form)
Rotarian Clayton Taylor, "Rotarian Malaria Partners".  Clayton is a member of the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City, a board member of the Rotarian Malaria Partners, and traveled to many Malaria projects in the world.  Click here to contact Clayton (you'll need to add your contact info in email form)
Claudia Gee Vassar, Executive Director for the Houston Botanical GardenHouston's Botanical Garden is opening this September, and Claudia can share all the details.  Click here to contact Claudia (you'll need to add your contact info in email form)
Barbara Bronstein, President of Second Servings food rescue company - "Fighting Hunger, Ending Waste".  Click here to contact Barbara (you'll need to add your contact info on email form).  Referred by RC of West U which has been working with Second Servings for years.
Kim Rogers, Education, Service, and Visit Guatemala.  Kim is a former Rotary Youth Exchange student with a wonderful story about this organization.  Click here to contact Kim. (you'll need to add your contact info on email form (Recommended by the RC of West U)
Peter R. Gascoyne, PH.D (Member, Sharpstown Rotary) Professor-Department of Medical Physics at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center (Retired), and Adjunct Professor, Dept of Biomedical Engineering at UT at Austin (Retired). A retired professor at MD Anderson Houston, Peter directed his own research program in Biomedical Engineering to develop new technology for cancer diagnostics.  His background is in Physics & Engineer which he applied to cell biology and cancer medicine for 30 years.  Options for Topics:, 1)  Why is a pandemic so hard to handle?  The tug-of-war between public health & economics in emerging infectious diseases";  2)  "Putting a laboratory into a chip:  How genetic testing is being made fast and affordable"; and 3)  "Precision Medicine:  How gene testing allows treatments to be targeted for individual diseases"; and "Peacebuilding:  The meaning of systematic violence"  (based upon his peacebuilding certification and mentoring experience with NewGen Peacebuilders and his ongoing collaboration with "Be The Peace Be The Hope."    Click here to contact Peter. (you'll need to add your contact info in email form)